Best Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

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November 30, 2018
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Best Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

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Best Social Management Tools

Social media had made it easy for the business to interact with its customers and other businesses. However, a social media management tool is necessary for a business to have a huge engagement for marketing its brand through social media platforms. A proper social management helps your audience to see relevant content from your business on a consistent basis. Also, it ensures an effective delivery of the business advertising messages and increasing brand awareness and authority. Additionally, a better social media tool offers better lead generations and conversions at a comparatively lesser costs. Below we have listed and discussed 15 social media management tools that are effective in monitoring what online traffic is saying about your business.

Facebook Pages Manager

Price: Facebook pages manager is a free app available at Google and Apple App Store.

Description: This social management tool allows the user to manage Facebook pages directly from their mobile phones. It allows the user to stay informed and respond to customers on the go.

Unique value: links both Facebook and Instagram accounts to manage messages and comments posted on both platforms. Also, allows the user to manage different Facebook pages and profiles with utmost ease. Finally, it can be used for bulk posting and tracking promotions, related statistics among other activities on your Facebook page.

eClincher homepage


Prices: $49 for one month use, $99 for 3 months use and $199 for 6 months use.

Description: eClincher is a comprehensive platform that has essential features including auto-posting with smart queues, RSS feeds interaction and auto posting, custom analytical report, social inbox, influencer discovery among others.

Unique value: RSS feeds interaction and auto-posting that the user to automatically publish hundreds of posts for a number of months, with just a few clicks. Also, the social inbox allows the user to manage all the social media engagement and interactions in one place.

buffer homepage


Prices: $415 for 3 users per month subscription; $399 for 25 users per month subscription; $199 for 10 users per month subscription; $99 for 5 users per month; and $15 for 1 user per month.

Description: Buffers is a well-established social media management tools with several good features including publishing with queue engagement, analytics and team features. Also, this tool makes it possible to post on a variety of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Unique value: This tool has publishing features such as adding posts to a queue and RSS feed that allows the user to publish posts from blogs.

Sprout Social

Price: $249 for 1 user/month, 10 social profiles; $149   1 user/month, 10 social profiles; and $99    1 user/month, 5 social profiles.

Description: Like other social media management tools, Sprout Social combines a variety of social media tools including monitoring, scheduling, and analyzing the whole gamut.

Unique value: RSS and Publishing. Sprout social has more customized features such as post-approval and individual statistics on each post. Also, Sprout has social inbox, which is great. Finally, it has keyword searching features that helps the user to monitor brands on social media.

Hootsuite Homepage


Price: $599 (for annual billing) 5 user/month, 35 social profiles, unlimited posting; $29    1 user/month, 10 social profiles, unlimited posting.

Unique value: Hootsuite has bulk scheduling which allows the user to upload several posts at a time. Also, it has RSS integrations.

sendible homepage


Price: $299  12 users/month, 192 services, 60 reports,  unlimited scheduling; $99     3 users/month, 48 services 6 reports; and $29     1 user/month, 12 services,  no reports.

Description: Sendible is a social tool that is built for agencies in mind. Its features include a CRM, Scheduling, and RSS.

Unique value: has a separate dashboard for each client and even has a white label. Also, supports Google Analytics.

social pilot homepage

Social pilot

Price:  $80   20 user/month, 200 social profiles , 1000 posts/day; $40   10 user/month, 100 social profiles , 500 posts/day; $24   5 user/month, 50 social profiles , 200 posts/day; and $10    1 user/month, 10 social profiles , 50 posts/day.

Description: Social pilot is a social management tool that does not allow social monitoring or engages with other social media enthusiast. In other words, it does not have the social inbox feature.

Unique value: The user does not need the credentials of clients using this dashboard to reach or connect with them.

Agora Pulse

Price: $239   12 user/month, 40 social profiles , additional profile – $6/month, add-on user $39; $159   6 user/month, 25 social profiles , additional profile – $9/month, add-on user $39; $79   3 user/month, 10 social profiles, additional profile – $12/month, add-on user $39; and $39    1 user/month, 3 social profiles, add-on profile $15/month, add-on user $39.

Description: Agora Pulse is a social media management tool that has a variety of features including social engagement, listening, reports, team collaboration and publishing.

Unique value: has basic team sharing features and content approval clients. Also, features the ability to reassign messages to clients.


Price: $1200 billed annually 10 users, 25 social profiles, add-on user $149/month; $300   5 user/month, 15 social profiles, add-on user $49/month; $60   3 user/month, 10 social profiles, add-on user $19/month; and $40    1 user/month, 8 social profiles, add-on user $9/month.

Description: CoShedule is the social media editorial calendar for WordPress. It helps the user to schedule and organize all the social media posts. Also, CoShedule does not have social monitoring, listening or keyword searches features.

Unique value: has ReQueue, which is an intelligent piece of software that schedules only the top posts in the user’s social history.

crowdfire homepage


Price: $99.99   1 user/month, 20 social profiles, 800 posts/month; $49.99   1 user/month, 5 social profiles, 100 posts/month; and $9.99    1 user/month, 2 social profiles, 100 posts/month.

Description: Although Crowdfire lacks the queues, it has basic scheduling tools and RSS integration features. It assists users to grow their audiences by following and unfollowing, targeting relevant audiences with ease and automating DMs.

Unique value: automating DMs.


Price: $49/month, 25 social profiles

Description: Edgar schedules contents in a unique way by grouping all user contents into categories and then adds time slots to each category. Edgar does not stop there; it fills up those slots with the user’s content and publishes them on behalf of the user. It features scheduling and RSS, social engagement and influencer search.

Unique value: a unique way of scheduling content by grouping the content into categories and then adds time to each category.


Price: it’s absolutely free

Description: TweetDesk is a social media management tool that makes tweeter more doable and even enjoyable. Also makes scheduling content super easy.

Unique value: supports multi-columned layout thus making it easy for the user to follow several conversations at once.

zoho social homepage

Zoho social

Zoho social is an online marketing tool that optimizes online phases with multiple practices at a time. As such, it helps the organization team to be connected to customers at all times. If the business has one brand to manage, it can market it’s brands through email marketing platform for $10 a month.

Price: $10 per month

Unique feature: advanced publishing and helps businesses to compile email marketing contents at an affordable price.


Price: 7-day free trial followed by $19, $78, $199, $499 per month subscription

Description: Mavsocial focuses on visual content and can manage Facebook ads. For better streamlined social media management, MavSocial is the best tool to use.

Unique value: besides scheduling, monitoring and reporting, MavSocial supports a digital library where the user can manage, use and edit multimedia for all social media posts and a search engine where the user can browse through millions of stock photos. Also, it allows the user to repeat social media posts for a specific time frame.


Price: 15-day trial followed by $9, $29, $59, $259 per month subscription

Description: Friends+Me Features Google+ and allows the user to schedule his/her content to another major social platforms except Instagram.

Unique value: supports scheduling for Google+ profiles, pages, communities, GSuite Google+ and Collections. Also, it allows the user to set up automatic re-posting Google+ posts onto other social media platforms, making it a great tool for marketers who focus on Google+.


All the best Social media management tools available in every sizes and shapes, and what satisfies you best depends upon your social media goals and requirements. In case you have a very certain requirement for a particular function at that point you can undoubtedly find exactly the tool in which you are looking for. However, if you are searching for a social media management platform that owns all the functions to improve your engagement,  acquire more leads, and grow your social following then pick the best tool for you.

Sakif AL Amin
Sakif AL Amin
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