5 Most Powerful SEO Strategies in 2020

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5 Most Powerful SEO Strategies in 2020

Five Most Powerful SEO Strategies

The right SEO strategies make the outcome of Search Engine Optimization practices meaningful. With the changing times, there are new updates in digital marketing and the latest suggest that if SEO is done with an intention to manipulate the search results, the websites can be penalized for it.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine dislikes someone trying to manipulate the search results. There are instances where marketers have pushed through the limits and they got wiped off from the platform completely.

All you need is to figure out the best strategies to get the desired results.

An SEO expert work to make sure that the company appears in the right ranks of the searches made by the searchers.

But why they need SEO Strategies?

  • The perfect SEO strategy makes SEO meaningful.
  • It avoids any adverse effect
  • SEO is not only about the search engine, but it is also about users too.
  • And the best results can be achieved with perfect and custom fit strategies.

We here bring forward 5 SEO strategies that will help you to get the best results in 2020

1. Give Importance to Titles and Descriptions, They Can Freeze Visitors

The right SEO is to get the undivided attention of the visitor and what attracts the most? Well, it is the title and the description which remains the most important aspect for any visitor. They need to be compelling the visitor to continue reading the full blog.

Even the search crawlers are captivated with interesting titles and descriptions. This is the reason that an SEO expert looks for catchy titles, Alt tags, Meta descriptions to index their page by the search crawlers.

Title tags and meta tags help the algorithms to identify and index the page too. This results in influencing the website appearing in the right search results.

2. Content Is the King

Content is King for SEO StrategiesThis is a known fact and has been repeated so many times in the web literature. But the fact is, the importance of content is still intact.

Your website can be for any kind of product or services, but the content is the only thing that can attract the search crawlers and visitors to it.

You must have been writing and posting blogs in the past, but this year you need to be extra cautious.

The content has to be crisp, informative, long with intricate details and of course, linked correctly.

You can do guest posting and allow others to post content on your website.

Choose the right keywords and be sure that you do not over stuff the content with these keywords.

Too many keywords are recognized by the search algorithm and considered as a move to manipulate the search results.

It can invite getting penalized from Google.

instead, try to spread the keywords evenly all over the content and make sure that does not cross the density limit.

You can use abbreviations of the popular keywords which have a similar meaning. Again, try not to sound promotional in your content. Try to post informative and appealing content which should grab the interest of the readers.

3. Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Stand Out

5 Most Powerful SEO Strategies in 2020 1Do you know from where most of the searches are made? Well, it is an open secret, it is the mobile. Anywhere in the world, people are busy to make searches from their mobile.

So, as the next powerful SEO strategy for you should be that you should be able to fit in all sizes of screen.

Mobile comes in different kinds of OS and the screen size also varies a lot according to the different models. Your website should fit in the screen of your searcher.

This universal appeal also has a great impact on the search algorithm too.

They understand the versatility of the website and find them apt and deserving for the top rank in the search results.

4. You Cannot Ignore Voice Searching

Let Alexa and Siri recommend you.

Didn’t get it? Well, the next step for any SEO strategy is to appear as voice search results.

So, what you do? Well, need to plan according to which includes using keywords related to voice searches and placing them correctly.

The content should be written in a conversational way so that the algorithms identify them correctly and of course, write simple.

In the coming time, more and more voices search which will be answered by these gadgets and the strategies for SEO has to be planned for them.

No wonder, Dominos has increased its sales in the US alone with voice searches results.

So, reach your clients and visitors with the voice searching results.

5. User Experience Is Too Valuable

The more the better. User Experience has a lot of impact on the SEO factor of the website.

Google rewards websites that are user-friendly.

not only it has algorithms to detect such website s but also checks how the user engagement is optimized with the little tweaks the website has for the visitors.

Well, when we speak of the user experience it starts from the very beginning.

Even the loading time of the website is taken into account.

Too much of loading time means that the visitor will get impatient and leave for other options. This is bad. Not only does it affect the visitor rate but also drops the website form the top tanking.

In 2020, the user experience is very important.

Though this factor is placed at the end of the list, it has the most significant importance for planning SEO strategy for 2020.

So, continuing with the topic, easy navigation through the website and finding easily what the searcher is looking for is what a good website is all about.

Placing the CTA or Call to Actions button is the right places is important too.

Again, suggestions or giving the visitor the right links also have a lot of importance.

The e-commerce websites too need to make the purchase easy and simple. The client should not face any issue or trouble to make the purchase and walk out of the online store.


This year, user experience has to be enhanced with AI and Machine learning. The SEO strategy which has the best plans for its clients and visitor will of course, get the best rewards.

Even dwell time of the visitor has a lot of significance from the SEO perspective and so every attempt has to be done to get the desired results. So, to attract visitors which are humans as well as the search crawlers the SEO experts need to work on the strategies that will fulfill the desired goals.

Brij Bhushan Singh
Brij Bhushan Singh
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