5 Important Tricks to Use SEO Data to Create a Buyer Persona

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December 22, 2018
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5 Important Tricks to Use SEO Data to Create a Buyer Persona

Important Tricks to Use SEO Data

Do you know your clients?

Very tough for anyone doing an e-commerce business; but another important question is, do you know what they want from you?

There is no point trying to reach your clients with e-mails, messages if you do not know about them. It is the fact, you cannot write for someone you do not know.

The solution is buyer personas.

Data Analysis for Buyer PersonaThey are a fictional person who is created to give the structure of your target audience or the ideal customer.

They always make a parallel comparison with the challenges, issues, and interests which are related to a portion of your audience.

Why does Google Trends, Google Insights, Google Keyword Tool, social media monitoring, and demographic and psychographic sources are not the best sources to create buyer’s persona?

The answer is simple, they create a persona which is absolute and perfect but they fail to look for possibilities.

No point creating the persona which is not helping the company to grow, so now what?

Change the screen and look at the SEO division. Here the game changer is your content strategy. All you need is to work on the SEO data which is all about market opportunity.

To understand the SEO tricks, we here go in details with a step- by- step process.

1. Download the Data from Your Website Analytics

The goal of this first step is to create a list of all the keywords/phrases which are engaged or used to reach you.

But wait, instead of making ideas and working on suggestions, an analytical platform is the best. You can easily download the keyword data (SEO).

The route is simple- Traffic Sources > Search > Organic, follow this in the upper right corner.

2. Build Themes

The big list of the keyword phrases will help you in this part. If you follow the list, you will find there is a pattern and modifiers that are very important. These will help you to divide them into themes.

For example, if the SEO data comes from the employed people who are generally salaried, then you understand that these searches are from the employed groups. You need time to figure out these themes but they are very useful in creating the buyer’s persona.

3. Search Funnel Is Important, Identify It

With the theme you have created in the last step, try to do match the following with the keyword phrase list. You will surely find a suitable match and so will find the channel to the sales coming from it.

This will give you two aims

  1. You can easily make out the number of potential clients in different stages. This will include the full search journey of the clients.
  2. You will have the idea of the type of content for the next stage. This has plenty of potentials as you can now understand that you will be your next customer.

4. Outline Your Competitors

The first page of the popular search engines will help you. The most popular are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Take a snapshot of the first pages of these search engines for your search terms.

The high-volume key phrases and target terms that are converted into leads are the best ones to begin with. Next, load them into the rank- tracking tool (mostly like Conductor).

Now work on the characteristics which I am sure you will get a sense of them like are they the big chains? Are they shop for working parents? Do they cater to local demands and furthermore information?

5. A Competitive Environment Will Be the Game Changer

All you need is to spy on your competitor’s website. Check how do they place their FAQs, videos, articles, About Us pages. Make a list, what is common with your portal and what is missing from your website.

Well, to make things simpler, here is a list of questions you can answer

  • What causes specific buyers to invest in the services/ products you buy.
  • What results a general buyer expects from your services.
  • Which are the facts and concerns cause your buyer to switch to your competitors and shift the loyalty?
  • Do research and find why the buyer will continue to use your service. How will you build trust in your buyer and then increase your business?

What is the importance of buyers’ persona in an organization?

As buyer’s persona is the important information about your clients, their behavior, their predicted nature of work. This is very important for an organization to grow.

The data can be used to

  • Build or plan a strategy– marketing and sales are very important aspects of a business. Companies spend a huge amount of money to build or plan the marketing for the company. But. It is only successful when it is able to reach the target audience. So, with the buyers’ persona, you reach the target audience fast and quick.
  • Update the approach- customers keep changing their behavior and so the strategies have to be changed or molded to keep the pace with the market trends. So, the buyer’s persona too needs to be updated for giving accurate results.
  • Building customer groups- this is very important. You can divide the customers into different groups and parts. You get more deep information and material for the business which definitely has a positive effect on your business.
  • Customer behavior- this is an amazing feature. Customers have an inclination to create purchasing habit. For example, they prefer the particular days, vendors and even time to shop for their goods and services. If followed closely, you can create an idea of their pattern and design your plans to meet their demands.

Today is the age of high-end competition. No one wants to stay behind and especially in the online market where it takes seconds for a customer to move or switch to another buyer, you need good and sound information about your client.

There are different tools and strategies, but the buyer’s persona created with the SEO data is the most competitive one.

Ayushi Choudhary
Ayushi Choudhary
Ayushi Choudhary is a Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she writes many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.

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