Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: What Really Matters?

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August 23, 2018
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September 1, 2018

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: What Really Matters?

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It has really been quite a while since the argument of traditional marketing vs. digital marketing has been continuing. Even though both have their own benefits, it can be difficult to go for one.
Marketing is an important part of any kind of business which one can not ignore. A smart and visionary businessman will make sure preparing a part of the budget for marketing initiatives solo. Although it is a time when a big part of people makes online purchases, another chunk of the community doesn’t even know how to use a website. This particular makes it strongly difficult for the business owner to decide which element of brand marketing to focus on; digital marketing or traditional marketing.

In order to help you get an insight on the two techniques of marketing and direct your efforts similarly, below are pros and cons of digital advertising vs. Traditional marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing and advertising knowns as the conventional techniques of marketing applied since the principle of advertisements or marketing began. This mainly includes the following methods for brand advertising:

1. Newspaper.
2. Leaflet.
3. Fm radio.
4. Television.
5. Billboard advertising along roads and highways.
6. Magazine Advertisements.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing and advertising is the new age marketing strategy of the multinational world. Using internet finding its application and benefit in each and every aspect of daily life, marketing too has managed to not only generate awareness or advertise brands through it, but also provide a global channel to reach a bigger customer base. It includes the following:

1. Business networking sites such as LinkedIn.
2. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
3. E-mail marketing.
4. Paid for pop-up ads.
5. Blog sites.
6. Click-baiting URLs for viral content marketing.

Even though all the marketing methods used in digital marketing look very similar, online marketing is a far more versatile mode of marketing than conventional one.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing and advertising has its unique benefits but certainly no doubt that online marketing has established a revolution on fire. It really has some certain winning advantages over traditional marketing and some of those are mentioned below.

  1. Low Cost

Even though newspaper, television and various other such media ads cost a lot, advertising throughout the online world is quite affordable. Doing this, in turn, indicates a greater fraction of the budget to improve business.

Cost Comparison Between Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

  1. Real-Time Result

Digital marketing and advertising have an advantage over traditional marketing since it is able to give swift results, while the latter keeps you waiting for long before showing any results. With online marketing, you can determine and view everything from the number of website visitors, conversion rate, busiest period of the day and bounce rate too with ease.

  1. Brand Development

Whenever the issue of brand image arises among digital marketing vs traditional marketing, digital marketing has an added advantage. Because of the limitation of space and low frequency of advertisements as is the case with conventional marketing, it loses at the hands of the online marketing.

In place of a small column in a newspaper, you can operate an entire website and display your ads or promote your brand at any time you want with the help of a social media webpage or your blog, unlike traditional marketing. This kind of particular helps to develop an image of your brand consistently.

  1. Non-intrusive

Many people do not buy a newspaper to take a look at the ads or watch a television to be interrupted by commercials, hence usually advertisements featured through such media go neglected. However, with online ads, a person has the power to choose to see an ad or not, participate in a social media discussion group or read or ignore a marketing email. Besides, you can also aim at a specific audience for these ads which. Most of this makes these ads a lot more wanted and even more likely to generate leads. Therefore by being non-intrusive and non-annoying as opposed to traditional marketing, digital marketing has more potential to give desirable results.

  1. Greater Exposure

Any kind of traditional form of marketing device, be it television commercials or a newspaper ad, can only pay for a certain area or population sector of a region. Instead of this, an online advertisement has the capability to reach out to a wider population, even the whole of the world.

  1. Better Engagement

Absolutely no traditional marketing mode, allows you to communicate with your audience and really involve them with your brand. Using such marketing channels you have to wait to gain response only after which can you take any further step. Having said that, with digital marketing techniques, you can not only interact with your targeted audience in the real-time but also make prompt and productive steps based on their quick feedbacks. You can also involve your target audience in chats and discussions for registering better brand presence and gain passive advice to improve your product or service. Obviously, the latter means that you require to be available and invest in more time for the engagement with a PR team.

  1. Quicker Publicity

Giving to real-time results with digital marketing and advertising, you get immediate attention and even if you do not, you can immediately know which of your ad isn’t working. The argument for traditional vs. Digital marketing is out of the question here since the former falls way behind in this regard due to the shortage of such a scope. However, the latter works like a chain reaction providing you a newer audience and acquiring you the latest customer with every passing millisecond.

  1. Works for Every Stage or Field

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing battle typically falls in the winning hands of online marketing arena along with certain benefits people cannot ignore with the former. Digital marketing enables even small businesses with a small number of staff members to expand their brand visibility and manage advertising and marketing front, which obviously cannot be been true with traditional marketing techniques which makes the small businesses and start-ups at disadvantage.

  1. Easy Analytics

By using digital online marketing measuring your marketing initiatives becomes very easy and swift. You can immediately see which strategy is performing and which isn’t through Google Analytics, besides other elements too such as basic trend, inbound traffic, conversion rate, interested audience, bounce rate and profit. This all of makes the digital marketing vs traditional marketing argument, highly unfair by placing the former on the winning side by a wide margin.

Tips on how We Apply Both Digital & Traditional Marketing.

Our traditional marketing techniques help our digital marketing campaigns. The two do not work in exclusion from each other. But we simply utilize hard copy marketing materials to further strengthen a partnership with a contact, referral partner or client. We don’t pay for television or radio ads, for example, but we will offer leaflets to a person who is interested in our solutions.

Instead of taking an all or nothing approach, it shows that a multi-channel technique that leverages the unique benefits of paper with the benefit and accessibility of digital will work best.






Sakif AL Amin
Sakif AL Amin
Sakif Al Amin is a Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant from Bangladesh. He is born & live in Dhaka. After completing his bachelor degree, he started working in a multinational company as sales manager. He is very much passionate about Cricket & New technology. Follow Sakif on Twitter at @sakifalamin

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